Lead Generation vs Lead Validation? What’s the difference?

Jim Haas
Jim Haas

November 27, 2017

Lead Generation vs Lead Validation

Many small business owners don’t see the value of a website because it doesn’t always generate them many new leads. However, a website on its own is not a very effective lead generation tool. Rather, lead generation is the result of designing and implementing a digital marketing plan which includes SEO, email marketing, social media (and social media advertising), landing pages and/or content marketing. If you own a business that sells products directly from its website, it’s obvious why you need a proper digital marketing plan in place. But what if you own a business that doesn’t sell anything directly from its website? The purpose of your website then becomes lead validation.

What’s lead validation?

Lead validation is a direct result of lead generation. It doesn’t matter how potential leads hear about your business, if they have interest, the first thing they’ll do is an online search. If they can easily find information about your business using a search engine, they’re likely to reach out. That’s a positive lead validation. On the other hand, if your business’s website and contact information aren’t easy to find, or worse can’t be found at all, you’ll lose the customer. That’s a negative lead validation.

lead validation

Here’s an example.

You run an IT company that operates in the B2B sector and most of your new leads come via recommendation. Your current clients like you, and the services your company provides so they recommend your business to their colleagues. This model has been successful for your business and you might feel like spending the resources for a new website isn’t necessary. However, sometimes a recommendation alone isn’t enough to prompt a new lead to reach out.

In order to vet your business, this type of lead, will probably Google your business’s name. This is where is where lead validation becomes important. If your business’s if your website clearly outlines your business’s capabilities in a modern format and contact information is easily available, a client is likely to reach out. However, if your website looks like it’s from 1996, and doesn’t show up in search results, you won’t land the lead because your site doesn’t showcase what your business can do. That’s poor lead validation.

No matter the business, a modern, sleek, website outlining your business’s capabilities is important for landing new business. If you need help generating leads for your business contact the marketing professionals at Milk Street Marketing today!

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