Is Your Business Page Optimized for Facebook Professional Services?

Jim Haas

April 27, 2017

Facebook Professional Services is the new Yellow Pages.

“Back in the day” when we needed a new roof we’d probably begin by asking friends and/or neighbors for recommendations. Then we would get out the phonebook and look for roofing companies in our area and start calling around. This isn’t how we shop for professional services any more. Rather most searches begin online. And while Google still reigns supreme, Facebook’s search engine has become increasingly popular with people looking for help with major projects. Therefore it’s important that your business’s page is registered and searchable with Facebook Professional Services.

If you’re not familiar, Facebook Professional Services is a directory of local business within the social media platform. The goal is to give users a place where they can search for and rate local companies within the Facebook site. Customers can search by keyword, location, product, and/or brand. However Facebook can be vague with their search algorithms. Hence it’s not always obvious what they’re looking for regarding search criteria. However after performing a few searches, it seems Facebook Professional uses the search criteria you’d figure: location, keywords, customer rating, number of ratings, and date since last page activity.

Here are some tips to help your page rank with Facebook Professional Services:
  • Be sure your profile has your business in the correct category and sub-category. This sounds simple but is easy to over look!
  • Make sure you fill in all of the information in your business profile page. You never know what Facebook will be looking for in a search so make sure you fill in as much information as you can.
  • Enable features that allow customers to check-in and submit star-ratings for your business. Don’t be afraid of feedback!
  • Give customers more than one way to make contact on your Facebook business page. This includes options to contact your business via phone, email, and/or Facebook Messenger.
  •  Encourage people to check-in and rate your business. You can do this either in person or on your website and social media.
  • Keep your page up to date. As mentioned earlier, Facebook puts business that post often higher in search rankings.

If you need assistance developing a digital marketing strategy that is right for your business contact the Milk Street team today!

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