Encourage Your Employees to Use LinkedIn

Jim Haas
Jim Haas

July 20, 2017

Encourage Your Employees to Use LinkedIn Now.

As an employer you might be concerned that if you’re employees are active on LinkedIn they’re looking for a job elsewhere. However this isn’t always the case. LinkedIn isn’t just a place to search for jobs, it’s also a place to expand your career skills and network with others in your industry. In addition, if your a savvy business owner, LinkedIn is a place to establish credibility for your business and attract the top talent in your industry. Therefore it is in your best interest to encourage your employees to use LinkedIn, and use it often.

Here’s why…

Employees are your best social media advocates.

LinkedIn is a place where professionals go to discuss content, share opinions, and establish themeless as relevant players in their industry. As they do theses this a something pretty amazing starts to happen. First, your employees will start to gain creditability and establish themselves as thought leaders within their industry. As a result others within your employee’s networks will start to look forward to their posts and feedback. Soon your employees will be seen as a valuable industry resource. Now imagine your employees are sharing and discussing your company’s content. You get an automatic boost in creditability.

A strong presence on LinkedIn will help your recruiting process.

As your company and employees begin to share great content on LinkedIn you’ll gain creditability and others will want to be a part of the conversation. This will help you out immensely during the recruiting process. Why? A solid prospect will vet a company throughly before the interview process. And part of this process is checking out a company’s social media – LinkedIn in particular. If a potential clients sees a community of employees sharing great content and ideas from your business they’ll be more likely to be want to join your team.

It strengthens your online presence.

Finally having your employees active on LinkedIn will strengthen your business’s overall online presence. When people search for your business, articles and content shared on LinkedIn will come up in Google’s search. This immensely increases the odds of your digital content being seen in addition to boosting your SEO rankings.

At Milk Street Marketing we know that Social Media Is a Team Sport. Therefore if you have any questions about turning your staff into a social media army contact us today.

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