Why Do I Need to Invest In Content Marketing?

Ron Bauman

February 22, 2017

Content marketing is important.

It is not enough in today’s digitized marketing environment to put up a website and hope potential clients stumble upon your site amidst the labyrinth of competition. 

Something needs to drive potential clients to your site. Then, something needs to entice potential clients to choose your products and/or services over those of your competitors.

That something is content.

What exactly is content?

Simply stated, content is anything posted on the web that is associated with your business. And it’s really important. The content posted to your website, blog, social media accounts, and other online channels (such as email) create your business’s digital image.

Smart, insightful, and relevant content gives your company a great digital image.

Out-of-date, dull, irrelevant content?

Not so much.

And that is why content marketing is important.

If content creates your business’s digital image, then content marketing gives your business a tool for controlling that digital image.  A content marketing strategy allows you to choose the message you want to send to potential clients and deliver that message in the most effective way possible.  A well-developed strategy accomplishes this by building brand awareness and encouraging potential clients to visit your site on a regular basis.

However, if a marketing strategy is going to be successful, great content is a necessity. After all, content is the fuel that powers the marketing machine. And a high-quality machine needs high-quality fuel.

At Milk Street, we consider content into two ways – dynamic and static.

Dynamic content has a short shelf life and therefore needs to be updated on a regular basis. It does, however, serve a very specific purpose. Dynamic content shows potential clients that your business keeps up-to-date on industry news and trends. It also gives potential clients the confidence that your business will be able to solve current issues in your field. Examples of dynamic content are social media posts, blogs, and email blasts.

Static content is the exact opposite. Static content has a long shelf life and is useful for building long-term branding effects. The overall purpose of static content is to communicate your company’s integrity to current and potential clients. Well-designed and implemented static content should explicitly communicate your business’s purpose and, when possible, show examples of your work. It should also assure clients you will be around in the future to stand behind your product or services. Some examples of static content include company logos, tag-lines, and other copy connected to your business’s brand and services.

In order to have a successful content marketing strategy, both dynamic and static content need to work together to reach one goal. However, there isn’t a plug-and-go content strategy that works for every business. Each business needs its own plan. That’s the alchemy of marketing.

At Milk Street, we work with your business to design a unique content marketing strategy to help your business reach its goals. Contact us today to see how content marketing can take your business to the next level.

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