Viral Marketing is the Illest!

Jim Haas

May 12, 2017

Viral Marketing isn’t a dream.

Everyone wants to see their blogs, social media posts, and video content reach “viral status.” However not many believe they can create content that is popular enough to achieve this monumental status and even fewer have a plan to achieve it. Although when we analyze the content that actually gets enough views, shares. re-tweets and likes to go viral there are some common threads that emerge. Here are some of the best practices for a successful viral marketing campaign.

Give something away for free.

Giving away valuable products or services is a great way to attract the attention of readers. Therefore even if you are a new business find a way to give away a product or service to begin creating a buzz. Like the old saying goes “everyone loves free.”

Make it easy to share with others.

This one might seem over simple. However when considering the content that you’d like to see go viral make sure that it’s easy to share! For example if it’s an email offer or a blog post make sure that you have share buttons prominently featured in the post.

Make is scaleable.

If your content blows up big you want to be sure that you can live up to your word. You want customers to share not only your content but the good experience they have with your company. That’s the point. Therefore don’t offer something that you and your business can’t deliver.

Exploit common motivations.

No one knows your customers better than you. So when planning the content for your viral marketing campaign take the time to ask yourself what motivates them to use your products or services.

Utilize existing communication channels.

If you want to go viral you must get your content on as many social media and digital platforms as possible. Even those platforms that you’re unfamiliar with or think may not “work” for your business.  Some examples of under the radar digital networks are reddit, digg and stumbleupon.

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