Your Business Needs a Video Content Marketing Strategy STAT!

Ron Bauman

March 30, 2017

Video content marketing is vital.

The amount of digital content the average consumer is exposed to in a day can be overwhelming. Thousands, if not tens of thousands of strands of information flow across the screen of our televisions, smartphones and tablets. However most of the content we see doesn’t stay with us for very long. It becomes lost somewhere deep in our unconscious mind. More likely than not somewhere between the name of our first grade teacher and every word to Jump Around. Yet research suggests that there is one type of content that stands out from the abyss – video. So if you’re business does not incorporate video content marketing into its marketing plan, it’s time to start.

Why video?

Research shows that video demands more consumer attention than any other type of digital content. In fact studies suggest that consumers are ten times more likely to embed, share, comment and/or like a video over any other type of digital content. And if you want your business’s posts to be reach potential customers on social media, these types of interactions are vital.

How come?

Social media companies, like Facebook, want a business to pay to show up in news feeds. That’s how they make their money! However if enough users interact (like, share, embed) with your business’s content, social media sites start to view it as valuable. Therefore you will start to see the content get into news feeds “organically” without you having to pay. The great news is – this process snowballs! The more interaction your business’s content gets the more likely it will show up in potential clients news feeds without you having to pay to boost a post.

Video is good for SEO.

Video is also great content to have on your business’s website because it boosts SEO rankings. One study showed that your website if fifty-three times more likely to show up in a Google search if it contains video. This is because, similar to social media, Google’s algorithm likes to find content that is valuable to its users. And one of the criteria Googles uses to judge the value of content is the amount of time a user spends on a particular page.

It works like this. Google figures the longer a user spends on a page the more valuable the information it contains must be. Therefore Google rewards these page by placing them higher in it’s search rankings. This makes video extremely valuable to SEO! The average users stays on a webpage for only a few seconds. However studies show the average user watches 3/4 of a video clip once they begin watching. So, if you’re video is on average 2 minutes long this means that users are staying on your page for at least one minutes and thirty seconds. Which is way about the average!

Video builds trust.
The most important reason to utilize a video content marketing strategy? Trust. Video gives consumers the opportunity to view your business and it’s employees prior to them meeting anyone in person. It also gives them an opportunity to see your products, services and the overall way your company operates. A great video can make potential clients feel good about your business even before they pick up the phone or step foot in your store.

If you need help initiating a video content marketing strategy for your business give us a call!! Our team has the knowledge and resources to make your business look great!


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