Konstantinos Psimaris

Konstantinos Psimaris
Name: Konstantinos Psimaris
Position: Executive Creative Director

“KP”, as he is known in advertising circles, brings over 10 years of high level agency experience to Milk Street, with a track record of success that includes work for accounts such as Nike, Under Armour, University of Florida, University of Oregon, University of Virginia, Temple University, The Arizona Coyotes and The Philadelphia Eagles.

Konstantinos was born in Athens, Greece and raised in Philadelphia where he attended Tyler School of Art. Having started his career in design and animation, he developed skill sets unique to his visual and narrative capabilities. As a writer, designer and photographer, Konstantinos mixes various disciplines to tell compelling stories with intriguing imagery.

On Milk Street, KP be responsible for all creative output on Milk Street, from UX/UI design, branding, video content and more. Check out his portfolio at here.

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