Dustin Dellinger

Dustin Dellinger
Name: Dustin Dellinger
Position: Lead Developer
Instrument: Guitar

When it comes music, media, and marketing I’ve been referred to as a “swiss army knife”. I’ve been able to extract knowledge from years of experience in the music industry and apply it to every project.

In 2010 I started an internet radio station called Gashouse Radio. In addition to being a content generator, Gashouse was dedicated to supporting independent artists. Not only did my partner and I build the content and the audience, but we handled every aspect of running a small business. Over the better part of a decade, Gashouse Radio has built a worldwide network of musicians and continues to support artists to this day.

One of the connections made through Gashouse Radio led me to my current position at my Milk Street Marketing. Through years of DIY website work at Gashouse Radio, I built a strong skillset in HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, and PHP. I’m now the lead developer for Milk Street which allows me to not only code but also offer my out-of-the-box ideas as well as my brand promotional skills.

Outside of work I’m still writing music, working towards a black-belt in Kenpo and raising 2 amazing children. I have a team working on Gashouse Radio while I focus on the marketing work with Milk Street.

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