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Is Your Business Taking Advantage of Local SEO?

What is Local SEO? Most business owners are familiar with the term SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization. However, many are unfamiliar a specific type of SEO that is extremely important for small business owners – Local SEO. Traditional SEO is a strategy that uses keywords or phrases in a particular format to improve the chances […]

Small Business SEO Marketing Explained

Small Business SEO Marketing Explained. If you’re a small business owner the idea of competing with large corporations (or more accurately large corporation’s advertising budgets) for SEO keyword rankings may seem silly. Although, just because you aren’t able to compete with corporation’s large budget doesn’t mean it’s not worth it to apply SEO principles to […]

Is a Wix Website Right for Your Business?

Creating a Wix Website is easy and cheap but is it the right decision for your business? You know that your business, no matter how small, needs a great website to compete in today’s digital world. There are many options when it comes to building a website and deciding which works best for you can seem […]

Long Tail Keywords: The Small Business’s Secret Weapon

What are long tail keywords? Long tail keywords are the longer, more specific cousin of the traditional one or two keyword search phrases. And they offer a unique value proposition for small to mid-sized businesses looking for more clients on the web. Here’s why. Unfortunately it is almost impossible for small to mid-sized businesses to compete […]