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What Is the New Facebook First Party Cookie Option?

What Is the New Facebook First Party Cookie Option? Last week Facebook made an announcement that they would be debuting new Facebook first party cookie option for its advertising platform. This move follows in the footsteps of both Microsoft and Google and allows Facebook advertisers to once again use analytics from Apple’s Safari browser to […]

Facebook Cover Videos Are Hot AF

Facebook cover videos are your business’s new branding tool. Facebook is making a major change to the way personal and business profile pages look. If you don’t have the option already, you’ll soon be able to turn your cover photos into Facebook cover videos. This should come as no surprise considering the recent emphasis Facebook has […]

Facebook Ad Design Considerations: Watch Your Text

With social media websites growing vastly, it’s easy to start promoting your business day one. Basically, you design a cool ad, the way you want it, pay Facebook to promote it and wallah your done… Except one small thing, Facebook basically decides how much you can really say in the design of your ad. If […]

Facebook’s New Posting Feature

Get more click throughs on your Facebook posts! In recent years, Facebook has become a great tool for businesses and organizations to engage its audiences with industry updates, news and events. In the past, posting a link to a web page, whether it be your business page or a page related to your business, the image […]