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Podcast Episode 15 – Online Marketing Tools

Podcast Episode 15 – Online Marketing Tools
Marketing Advice

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The key to any great marketing campaign, department, you name it, is the people. People bring creativity, experience and perspective to the table. People generate content, create strategy and execute plans. But even the best people need marketing tools and software to help them achieve results. On this episode of MilkPod we talked all about […]

Internet-of-Things; Using Tech to Focus on the Customer

The Internet-of-Things is already here, use it to your advantange.   What is IoT? You may have seen the abbreviation IoT, or Internet-of-Things, in recent articles. Basically, the Internet-of-ThingsĀ refers to the growing number of internet connected devices. As the technology becomes more affordable, it can be applied to more and more products, and it won’t […]

Marketing Trends of 2016: Marketing Automation Will See Tremendous Growth

In 2015, dozens of tools emerged to improve the marketing process. Existing tools were fine tuned and new features were added. As more and more businesses embrace technology and get better at leveraging its power, marketing automation will grow in both popularity and specificity. Marketing automation is the use of technology and software to perform […]