Starting my marketing career on Milk Street


March 28, 2016

Getting my marketing career started!

As a recent college graduate it can be difficult to realize exactly what it is that you want to pursue as a marketing career, let alone find a job that can help you figure it out. I graduated with a degree in marketing from Saint Joseph’s University (PA), but had no experience in the field and I found myself in this exact position. I spent time applying and interviewing for jobs that I had no vested interest in, for the sole purpose of finding employment. After a somewhat lengthy search I decided that it was time to change my strategy. I began to explore opportunities that were not guaranteed paychecks but were intrinsically interesting to me nonetheless. Two weeks ago I had an opportunity to become an intern for Milk Street Marketing. With most things in life for a young college grad, I was unsure of what the opportunity meant, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience so far.

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Coworking every Tuesday in South Philly

The chance to work with Milk Street Marketing arose when I met Ron Bauman, Principal and Creative Director of the company, at Connie’s Ric Rac during one of their open mic nights. Connie’s is a music venue that hosts various events in the Italian Market, and also happens to be a client of Milk Street. I mentioned to Ron that I was a marketing grad looking for a job when he told me about the company. One thing led to another and he offered me an internship that had proven to be more interesting than I could have imagined. My marketing career was off the ground.

Every Tuesday, Milk Street Marketing holds a coworking event at The Ric Rac for people to come in and work, collaborate with other marketers and drink coffee. This also serves as a space for Milk Street to sit down as a team and work on various tasks together. The friendly atmosphere is contagious as soon as you walk in the door. With Gashouse Radio playing over the speakers, hot coffee waiting upon your arrival, and laptops being utilized to the fullest extent, you can immediately tell that this is a team that knows how to get things done efficiently.

I am glad that I have the opportunity to be a part of a team that knows the importance of achieving goals while having fun doing it. In my short time with Milk Street I have already been a part of multiple team brainstorming sessions, client meetings, worked in WordPress and starting learning about how social media is used for business.  In the coming months I hope to continue my personal growth as a multi-faceted marketer, developing skills that are directly applicable to achieving success along with the rest of the team. With the tools and resources at my disposal, whether it be the knowledge of my colleagues or field experience, there is no limit to where my marketing career can take me during my time spent with Team Milk Street.

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