SEO and Social Media Advertising Are Like Peas & Carrots

Jim Haas
Jim Haas

July 27, 2017

Make Social Media Advertising and SEO work together to get your digital brand off the ground.

In today’s digital marketing landscape there are two main ways people find your business – Google search and engaging with your content on social media. Don’t believe me? Consider the last time you heard about a new restaurant in your town. Even if you hear nothing but positive reviews, odds are you’ll probably still Google the place before actually visiting.¬†As for engaging content on social media, what content you’re most likely to take seriously and interact with? I’ll bet it provides value to your life in some way. Maybe the content solves a problem or answers a question. Maybe it’s relates to current events or happenings close to your home. Or maybe the content is really just really funny and/or entertaining. Either way, odds are you’re seeing the content because others are engaging with it, not because of social media advertising. Therefore in order to optimize the effectiveness of your social media and digital advertising efforts you must find a way to create great SEO compatible content and distribute it in an engaging way through social media.

SEO is worth the time and effort.

Although some make the claim “SEO is dead,” it’s not. SEO works and if you want your website to appear in Google’s search results you’ll need to make the content on your site SEO friendly. That means updating your site on a regular basis with content that uses the most up to date SEO guidelines. You’ll also want to utilize an SEO keyword strategy that focuses on search terms relevant to your business and/or industry.¬†However SEO is a “slow burn” marketing technique, meaning it can take six months to a year before you start to see a return. Unfortunately there’s not really a shortcut for SEO; even if you are willing to spend money on Google Adwords. However just because your content won’t appear in Google’s search immediately doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to utilize it right away.

Get the ball rolling with social media.

Most business owners know that it’s very difficult to get interaction on social media posts without putting money behind a post. However, if you notice, posts that get interaction get way more impressions than posts that don’t. That’s because most social media platforms (especially Facebook) are set to notice when content gets interaction from a group of people.Here’s why – the more users interact with your content, the more relevant it appears to social media platforms. Then, as the content becomes more relevant it starts to appear in more to more of your audience and get more interaction. This doesn’t just apply to single posts. The more interaction a post gets the more likely others will see other posts from your feed – without sponsorship. As a business owner a great way to get this process going is by having your staff help out. Check out how in our article Social Media is A Team Sport.

Making social media advertising and SEO work together.

Getting results from social media advertising takes more than putting money behind a post. It also takes engaging SEO compatible content presented in a way that generates interaction from users on social media. After establishing these two elements it then makes sense to put sponsorship behind a post. Here’s an example of how the process works. Start with great content written using the proper SEO format. Then find an interesting way to share a link to the blog post on social media. Next, get your business colleagues and friends to like, comment on and/or share the social media post. This will trigger the content as “relevant” to the social media platform. Finally after the posts is getting interaction and considered relevant by the social media platform then consider sponsoring the posts. Think of it as adding fuel to a fire that’s already burning.

Using this technique will help you not only get more views and interactions on your social media page, it will also help give your page creditability with SEO search engines. That’s because SEO gives priority to pages with many a views. SEO also looks at the amount of time a users spends on a page. The longer amount of time a users spends you site, the more valuable it’s viewed. With the hits you’ll accrue from your social media efforts you’ll already be ahead in the SEO game

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