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Due to the the recognition of the success of the Connie’s Ric Rac marketing activities in time leading up to the formation of Milk Street Marketing, founder Ron Bauman was sought out to by the business association to spearhead the significant 100-year anniversary campaign. We are honored to be able to say The Italian Market was one of our first clients! In fact, the launch of the campaign, complete with Mummers and news vans coincided with the official launch party for Milk Street (at The Ric Rac, of course). Oh, we also shot a video that day to promote the annual Italian Market Festival. Do yourself a favor and watch the full version.

What We Did


We worked closely with the leadership of the business association to develop a campaign that would celebrate the Italian Market’s rich history while looking forward to it’s bright future. The strategy included ways to drive more foot traffic to the Market itself, benefiting all merchants in the district. As a high profile tourist destination, the opportunity to celebrate such an historic milestone become the foundation for our overall campaign strategy. A variety of events were planned throughout the year to celebrate the rich traditions and diverse culture of The Market, with an emphasis on engaging new audiences.


It was important to come up with a name and logo for the event that would celebrate the Italian Market’s rich cultural tradition while at the same time wishing continued prosperity for the future. For the name we went with a traditional Italian toast – Cent’Anni. When translated into English Cent’Anni roughly means “here’s to another hundred years” a most fitting name for the celebration. When developing the logo, we included arches over the top because they historically indicate a place where merchants conduct business. And of course the logo needed to include one of the iconic awnings that give the Italian Market charm and make it instantly recognizable.

Live Events

Putting together a year long celebration such as the Cent’Anni is more than just scheduling events. Milk Street worked tirelessly throughout the year to coordinate vendors, book artists, rent equipment and obtain all necessary permits for each individual event. We also worked in tandem with members of the United Merchants of South 9th Street to leverage the high profile of the Italian Market to maximize exposure for each event. Social media was also an important part of our promotional strategy to engage attendees and keep them informed of other events associated with the Cent’Anni celebration.

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