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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an integral part of any marketing plan. For our small business clients, foundational SEO is baked-in to every website we develop. Each page is optimized for a specific keyword that has been pre-determined in our initial SEO strategy. So we could create an SEO case study for any one of these clients, but we chose to focus on our own strategy for this case study.

Marketing is a very broad, very competitive industry, and the fact that we are located in Philadelphia (the 6th largest city in the nation) makes it very challenging to rise above the competition in online rankings. With such a crowded market, foundational SEO techniques are not enough to make an impact. We needed to employ some advanced techniques in order to stand out above the crowd.

What We Did

SEO Strategy

Like most of our services, SEO marketing starts with a plan. Using tools like Moz and Google Ads' Keyword Planner, our team devised a strong keyword list. Keywords are picked based on specific criteria; these keywords have to have just the right amount of search volume and competition.

Next, we created a strategic backlink list; a list of websites who are likely to link to our website. This can be as simple as offering to guest blog on another site, or just swapping links with another relevant company. We also reached out to our clients and asked them for a quick review on Google and Facebook. All of these small steps add up to large increases in search engine rankings.

Content Development

Content is the fuel of your digital marketing, and content that is optimized for SEO marketing is high-octane jet fuel. Google likes to see that the content on your site is fresh, so consistency is important when developing content for SEO marketing. Using our keyword list, we consistently wrote blogs on our site that were filled with useful information that is relevant to the keyword. Then, using tools like Yoast, we made sure that every SEO box was checked. Just the right amount of keyword density, image alt tags, meta info, and word count were all taken into consideration for every post.

On-Going SEO

SEO marketing is not a set-it and forget-it service. We constantly monitor our performance using Moz and Google Search Console. Website performance is another factor that can affect your SEO rankings. We regularly take measures to increase our load speed and watch for any broken links that ay occur.

It's also important to keep your eye out for new keywords that can be developed into SEO content. In our business there is always a new technology or technique that is changing the landscape of digital marketing. Our team is always looking for these trends, strategically finding the right keyword, and developing content that is sure to reach page one of the SERP.

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SEO Case Study

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