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Alan Nochumson has a boutique law firm in Philadelphia specializing in Real Estate law. He approached Milk Street to help with his brand and his website. We provided Alan with one of our small business packages that included a complete brand strategy, visual identity, on-going marketing support, automation, and a new website.

The challenge: create a law firm website that didn't look like every other law firm website. Avoid the cliche' justice scales and piles of books. We need to create a site that is easy to update and that organizes the client's content in a way that is easy to navigate.

What We Did

UX Design

Because our team provided Alan with an extensive brand strategy, we were able to adapt that strategy for the law firm website. The idea of the brand is to focus on the people, specifically the firm's clients. After several work sessions and photo shoots, out team built an extensive library of portfolios that have become the centerpiece of the website. Alan also has a vast array of articles, publications, podcasts and webinars that we were able to showcase throughout the website as well.

Information Architecture

Alan's original website had a lot of content, however it was difficult to find on the site, and even more difficult to update on the backend. While the site was Wordpress, it was not taking advantage of the taxonomy features that keeps a site's content organized and navigable. On top of that, many areas of the site had to be manually updated when a new piece of content was published. When developing the strategy for the new law firm website, we categorized all of his content, added proper tags, and ensured that when content was published, it was updated throughout the website's pages and archives.

Web Development

Nochumson's new website was coded from scratch, using a bootstrap framework and the Wordpress CMS. The site was optimized for speed and performance and responsive on every size screen, in every browser, both portrait and landscape. In addition to the typical website development, Alan requested some functionality that would set him apart from other law firm websites.

Using the city of Philadelphia's open data API and integrating it with Google Maps' API, we were able to create a map of all the zoning appeals that Nochumson P.C. filed in the city. The map contains all the specifics of each case and has become an invaluable tool for Alan as well as prospective clients. You can find the map on his Land Use & Zoning service page.

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