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GMP Trends® was created to provide relevant, real-time, and unbiased information related to U.S. FDA inspections. They have a proprietary process by which they obtain immediate access to all world-wide FDA inspection information on a real-time basis. They are an online-only business with two methods by which they provide this information: you can purchase these reports individually or they provide a subscription-based model with different levels of access to the information.

For years GMP Trends® relied on 2 different websites to facilitate sales and services their clients. They used shopify for their individual sales, and a proprietary content management system for the subscriptions. This CMS was very difficult to update, and the overall design of the site was very antiquated. GMP Trends® contacted Milk Street to not only design a new website, but integrate the 2 systems into one. They needed a new CMS that was easy to update, and that could facilitate both their subscription packages as well as their individual report sales in one e-commerce website.

What We Did

UX/UI Design

From a design standpoint, the challenge with this e-commerce website was differentiating between the customer (those looking to purchase individual reports) and the client (those who purchases a subscription package). In addition to giving a modern look and feel to the site, we needed to display the same product in 2 completely different layouts depending the user. Reports were organized using Wordpress's built-in taxonomy in order to organize the vast amount reports available on the site. Overall, the site is designed to feature both the subscriptions and the individual products in a logical way throughout the entire website, the reports are dynamically served to the user depending on their subscription level.


Milk Street chose to implement Wordpress for this specific project. Wordpress is very easy to update, and their Woocommerce plugin is a very robust e-commerce website solution that would allow us to offer both individual sales and subscriptions. The greatest challenge of this project was the organization of the data itself. We needed to pull all of the product, customer, and subscription data from two sites, merge it into one source, and import it into Wordpress/Woocommerce.


To make matters even more challenging, GMP Trend's existing CMS crashed about halfway through the development process. Their website, essentially their entire business, was offline and we still had weeks of development ahead of us.

Recognizing the severity of the situation, Milk Street shuffled our resources and worked around the clock to get GMP Trends back online as quickly as possible. Many hours were spent organizing csv data exports into a single import. We employed several different premium Woocommerce plugins to create the subscription and membership functionality needed for this e-commerce website.

The end result was a robust, modern website that organized all fo their data from 2 antiquated websites and delivered the data to their customers in an easy to navigate fashion. We accomplished our goals, and we did it weeks ahead of schedule in order to get our client back online.

Because GMP Trends' business model is online-only, on-going maintenance is a priority. In addition to typical Wordpress updates, Milk Street continually monitors the speed and performance of the site to assure the quality of the user experience. Routine database maintenance is another integral part of any e-commerce website that Milk Street provides on a regular basis. At the end of the day, GMO Trends can rest assured that their website is performing well and staying up-to-date.

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