Connie’s Ric Rac


As the historic 9th Street Italian Market’s only source for live music, the Ric Rac was ahead of it’s curve as the sole music venue in the burgeoning area of the city. However, as competition increased, it became evident that Connie’s could not survive without proper marketing and promotion. Milk Street Marketing founder Ron Bauman had become friends with the Tartaglia family, just before the Ric Rac opened, and became bandmates with the brothers/partners in The Discount Heroes. Eventually, Ron was brought in as a partner, with the responsibility of marketing the venue and managing the booking calendar. This became a very important stepping stone to the launch of Milk Street itself.

What We Did

Brand Strategy

At the earliest of stages, several unique properties of The Ric Rac were identified and leveraged in its brand position. “South Philly’s Home For Live Original Music” was developed as the primary tagline, reinforced by secondary messages such as, “We are not a bar with a stage, we’re a venue that serves drinks”; and “Our product is on the stage, not behind the bar”. Most importantly, Connie’s Ric Rac higher purpose was defined: to support local artists by instilling a sense of community in everything we do.

Digital Activation

Digitally speaking, we had a blank slate to work with. In addition to a brand new mobile friendly website, a comprehensive social media strategy to create awareness and promote various events was implemented. Integration across all digital channels, including the website, social media, email, and mobile was practically in effect 24/7, with social broadcasting being enacted during live events. Innovative branding and content marketing tactics on social channels such as Instagram and tumblr further increased audience engagement, awareness and ultimately more people coming through the door.

Live Events

You gotta have fun, right? The “Milk Street Trifecta” – is the a recipe for success that has enabled us to be involved with and produce wildly successful events . Not only do we promote the individual shows and the calendar as a whole, but we also manage The Ric Rac’s involvement in one of the largest events annually in the Philadelphia region, The 9th Street Italian Market Festival. Others crazy-ass parties have included a 10-year anniversary celebration and a country music festival, both right in the middle of S. 9th Street with indoor and outdoor music stages, craft beer gardens and food trucks. You definitely want to talk to us about doing this for you.

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