Podcast Episode 15 – Online Marketing Tools

Dustin Dellinger
Dustin Dellinger

September 16, 2016

Podcast Episode 15 – Online Marketing Tools
Marketing Advice

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The key to any great marketing campaign, department, you name it, is the people. People bring creativity, experience and perspective to the table. People generate content, create strategy and execute plans. But even the best people need marketing tools and software to help them achieve results. On this episode of MilkPod we talked all about our favorite marketing software and tools. As a marketing agency, we use quite a bit of them but a few stand out as our absolute favorites.

Among the tools we discussed:

  • Hootsuite – Hootsuite allows you to link your social media accounts and automate posts, track engagement and social metrics.
  • Buffer – Buffer offers many of the same functionalities as Hootsuite but we like its monitoring and tracking capabilities a little bit more.
  • MailChimp – Mailchimp is an email marketing and automation platform that allows you to do everything from creating sign up forms to sending beautifully designed emails. It even allows for automated drip campaigns that help nurture leads.
  • Constant Contact – Constant Contact is similar to MailChimp but we prefer MailChimp because of its ease of use, advanced design capabilities and the fun monkey that high fives you when you send an email.
  • InstaPage – Every marketer needs landing pages to eliminate the distractions of a full website and to capture qualified leads. InstaPage is how Milk Street does it!
  • LeadPages – LeadPages is another landing page service that.
  • Google Analytics – Analytics are the scoreboard of every marketing effort. Analytics can tell you a lot about your online marketing efforts. How much traffic are you getting? Where is your traffic coming from? What pages are converting at the highest rate? These are just three of the valuable metrics Google Analytics can tell you.
  • Salesforce – Salesforce is probably the leader in CRM software. This allows you to track your sales efforts and help you manage leads, relationships and sales prospects.
  • Nimble – Dustin swears by this CRM because of its simplicity and ease of use.
  • HubSpot – HubSpot is, first and foremost, a marketing automation software. However, they have several different options that include everything from CRM to email marketing and much more.
  • Marketo – HubSpot’s top competitor, Marketo has a whole suite of marketing features from automation to email to mobile and lead management.
  • IFTTT – If This Then That is a software that allows you to create recipes and schedule automation based on the actions of your visitors and/or user.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of marketing tools and software out there. The challenge is that so many features overlap. It is up to us savvy marketing professionals to determine which ones we really need and to find the service that works for us.

Tell us, what marketing tools and software have you had success with? And how?

Milk Street Marketing offers small business packages that bundle many of our services into an affordable monthly payment. We offer an integrated, multi-channel marketing solution backed by a team of marketing professionals.

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