Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, & Blockchain

Jim Haas
Jim Haas

January 4, 2018

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, & Blockchain
Marketing Advice

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The MarketShare Podcast – Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

In our inaugural episode, the Milk Street Marketing team discusses the ability of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain to change the way the everyone in the world conducts business.
  • The team discusses the difficulties of explaining Bitcoin and cryptocurrency to older family members during the holidays.

  • Ron shares his feelings on “Crypto-haters”

  • A comparison is made between the similarity of the current Blockchain Boom and the DotCom Boom in the early 1990’s.

  • Investing in blockchain kind of like investing in the stock market, but better.

  • We try and decide which corporation will be the first to create their own cryptocurrency and come to the conclusion it’ll probably be Amazon.

  • The possibilities for blockchain beyond cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

  • Dustin and Ron school Jim on how a blockchain ledger really works.

  • We debate whether or not the blockchain can be hacked.

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