Ep 5 – Marketing Nerds

Dustin Dellinger
Dustin Dellinger

April 26, 2016

This Week on Milk Street – Marketing Nerds


On this week’s episode we let out our inner marketing nerds in honor of the Philadelphia Science Festival. This Festival spans across the entire city from April 22 – April 30th. There are a ton of events happening day and night for all ages. From bar crawls, to hands-on learning experiments the Philadelphia Science Festival truly has something interesting for everyone. Search #GetNerdyPHL  on twitter for the up to the minute updates on the fest.

marketing nerdsWe also spent some time talking about the Philly music scene, and our involvement in the 10 Year Anniversary campaign for the Philadelphia music venue Connie’s Ric Rac. Check out the press release on the Ric Rac website for more information on the various events we have planned throughout the year to celebrate this occasion.

Finally, we ended the show with a discussion inspired by ChiefMartec.com. Their article “10 reasons why marketing nerds are so darn lovablewas the perfect list to round out our very nerdy discussion this week. This list broke down many of the attributes that make marketing nerds so awesome; luckily most of them applied directly to Team Milk Street!

Small business plugs this week: Smokey Pint, Yards Brewing Co, Connie’s Ric Rac.

Music on tonight’s episode George Engel Brooks, Secret Nudist Friends, Church Girls

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