My First Day on Milk Street

Ross Peterzell
Ross Peterzell

July 27, 2020

It’s certainly a challenge to construct a valid opinion walking into an office that identifies as an “anti-agency”, with a full-sized, inactive ice cream cart only five feet from my new desk. My main objective on day one was to acclimate to the culture on Milk Street. After weeks of anticipation, and sorting through all of the online research available on Milk Street Marketing, I was excited to get involved right away.

Ross on his first day on Milk Street

Within minutes, I was sitting in on my first call as Ron, Trang, and Katie worked through a potential client’s marketing needs. Working with product-based startups seems like an adventure with lots of twists and turns and unexpected requests. I was very impressed with my new coworkers’ versatility and ability to think on their feet. On the call we were asked to put our heads together and develop strategies that can be applied to this prospective situation. As soon as the call was over, Trang scheduled a work session for the following Monday, allowing us to have time to prepare thoughts and ideas to present to the group. 

Milk Street was vibrant, energetic, and full of enthusiasm as the team shuffled through calls, client objectives, and internal tasks. What immediately stuck out to me was the open flow of communication, which enables Milk Street to move quickly and efficiently through various projects. Everyone on the team is accessible, and it is clear that client relationships are at the forefront of Milk Street’s priorities.

Fried Chicken with Honey Mustard, Ranch, Buffalo Sauce, Pickles, and coleslaw.
Love & Honey Fried Chicken

In the early afternoon we had a great bonding session over a feast of fried chicken and coleslaw. For anyone who is wondering, or wants to make me feel special, there is nothing that pulls my heart strings more than some good fried chicken. It’s food for the soul.

By that point I could definitely feel that I was in the right place. Between the environment, culture, coaching, accessibility, communication, technological and media equipment, and of course fried chicken, there isn’t much more to ask for in a marketing firm that specializes in getting the job done. 

I’m very excited to dive right in to new projects and contribute to the Milk Street experience of our clients. Social media, content marketing, and the digital world as a whole is constantly in an evolving state. I want to assure our network that I will continue to grow, develop, and emerge with Milk Street and the industry as a whole. Please never hesitate to reach out with questions, tips, or just to say hello. Goodbye for now and I’ll see you on Milk Street!

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