Can a Webpage Rank for Multiple Keywords?

Jim Haas
Jim Haas

April 19, 2017

What are multiple keywords?

The whole idea behind SEO is to get your website to rank higher in popular search engines like Bing or Google. In order to accomplish this your website’s content should be developed around a set of keywords related to your business and/or the topic of your site. For example, if your business sells swimming pools and supplies, you’d want the keywords for your webpages to be terms that people who own swimming pools would commonly search for online. For instance “pool covers” would be a good choice as a keyword. But what if you put more that one keyword on a page? So instead of just “pool covers” you added multiple keywords like “solar covers” and “winter covers.” Your chances of landing on Google’s first page of search results would increase exponentially.

When should you use more than one keyword?

There are several instances when it makes sense to use multiple keywords. The first is when there are longer phrases that could also be used by people looking for information on your site. Using the pool cover example from above, you might consider using the phrase “year end pool maintenance” as an additional long-tail keyword. This makes sense because anyone searching for tips on year end pool maintenance will probably need a pool cover.

Another instance where it makes sense to use more than one keyword is when you’re working on a page with more than one topic. Let’s go back to the pool cover example yet again. In this example you’re writing a blog post about removing a pool cover. However you also want to promote the chemicals people need to open a pool at the beginning of the summer. Here it makes sense to use two keywords, “pool cover” and “pool shock” would do nicely. This way you get hits from people searching for both.

A final example of an appropriate time to use multiple keywords is when you have synonyms for a single keyword. Back to the pool, LAST TIME! Now you’re in a part of the country where people own a lot of indoor pools and they’re fancy so they call them “natatoriums.”  If you want these fancy folks to find your website when searching online for pool equipment, it would be best to include both “pool” and “natatoriums” as keywords on the same page. Again, this way you’d get hits from people looking for information on both keyword terms.

Targeting multiple keywords is a great way to increase traffic to your site. If you need help optimizing your site using for SEO keyword contact us on the Milk St Marketing Hotline @ 215-551-MILK!


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