A Marketing Intern’s First Day On Milk Street

Katie Lees

June 27, 2018

A Marketing Intern Experience

My first day as a marketing intern on Milk Street in a nutshell; science coffee, lunch meetings at the Butcher Bar, and an unbelievably unique experience at the one and only, Rim Cafe. I arrived at the office a little after 10 am, the sun was shining bright and undisturbed by clouds; the warmth was reassuring as it took me a little bit to find the office. Once I managed to find the right building, suite J, I was greeted by Ron and Trang, key members of Milk Street’s team. Trang just returned from visiting family in Vietnam and kindly offered me homemade beef jerky and peanuts, which were quite delicious. I felt more than welcome almost immediately and nerves for my first day settled into excitement for my first assignment. Nothing too crazy, just to research a little bit about The Giving Groove, a new charity-focused record label; Ron and I had a lunch meeting with the owners later in the day.

Lunch was incredibly delicious as we shared an appetizer of “Sloppy Joe Poutine”, an absolute must try for those who have never been to the Butcher Bar. Matt Teacher and Mike Lawson, cofounders of The Giving Groove, were every bit as friendly as the Milk Street team. I listened as Ron and the pair discussed plans for an upcoming concert for a Philadelphia punk rock band, Decontrol.

After we finished eating, we had time to walk over to Sine Studios and I got to see where the magic happens. Matt and Mike showed me the studio where they mostly record and I had to resist the urge to touch the beautiful instruments that lined the walls. We said our goodbyes, and then Ron and I returned to Milk Street’s office since we had a little time before we were due at Rim Cafe.

The Ultimate Cafe

For those unfamiliar with the eccentric character that is René Kobeitri, he is an absolute treasure to those who frequent Little Italy in South Philadelphia’s historic 9th Street Italian Market. René’s Rim Cafe offers much more than coffee and hot chocolate, it is an experience that is as unique as René; it’s impossible to resist the urge to “make it happen” and say “bingo baby” along with René as he plays his bongos or shaves chocolate into the palm of your hand. We filmed a short segment about “science coffee” and enjoyed cappuccinos as René entertained Milk Street’s team. It was an exciting first day as a marketing intern on Milk Street, full of delicious food and drink to say the least. We left Rim Cafe thoroughly charmed by René and I went home after an exhilarating first day on Milk Street. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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