Managing Social Media is a Team Sport

Jim Haas

May 22, 2017

Managing social media is a team sport.

managing social media

Managing social media for your business takes more than a few people in the marketing department posting on social media a few times a week. Even if the content that you post is great, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will see it (without sponsorship) if no one interacts with your posts. This is because the algorithm many social media platforms utilize assumes content from a business page is advertising. And social media companies want to be paid for advertising. However, there is another way to increase the likelihood posts are seen without sponsorship – interaction. If enough people interact with your posts, social media algorithms start to see your content as more relevant. As it becomes more relevant it becomes more likely that others see it too. A great way to start increasing interactions with your business’s social media accounts is to include your employees in your social media marketing strategy.

Be sure that your employees understand your business’s social media goals.

If your employees are going to help boost your social media network it’s important they understand the message you’re trying to get across. Therefore it’s important you keep them in the loop with all digital messaging efforts. Additionally it equally as important to explain to employees what you DON’T want on your business’s social media pages.

Ask employees to interact with your company’s page on all social media platforms.

It’s probable that many of your employees have at least one personal social media account. In fact, it’s likely are on several social media platforms. Therefore consider encouraging everyone to follow your business’s social media page and interact with posts and other content. When making this requesting of employees, as a precaution, also note subject matter you do not want on your pages.

Ask employees to take pictures.

Many times your employees are in different locations throughout the workday and have the opportunity to get photos that you yourself can’t take. Ask them to take photos of anything that they think would work for your business’s social media pages. If you really trust your employees you may even consider allowing them to post pictures themselves.

Ask for reviews and recommendations.

Almost every social media platform has a place to rate and review your business. In fact, platforms such as Yelp are only in existence for this purpose. And rather you believe it or not, research shows more positive online reviews on these sites leads to more business. Start getting positive reviews by asking your employees to review your business and ask them to ask their friends to do the same.

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