How Can Influencer Marketing Help Your Business?

Jim Haas
Jim Haas

April 18, 2018

How can influencer marketing help your business?

An influencer is anyone that has the power to persuade others to do something the wouldn’t normally do. Influencer marketing is strategically using an influencer to create brand awareness and generate more business for your company. Here are three examples of influencer marketing:

Influencer Marketing on National Level

A great example of an influencer marketing campaign executed on a national level is the Beats by Dre headphone launch. Creators Tony Iovine and Dr. Dre needed to find a way to get people to pay $399 for an item that would normally cost $100. In order to accomplish get this, Beats developed an influencer marketing on a very large scale. The company bet if they could get enough celebrities wear their headphones, they’d become stylish and everyone would want a pair. They started by giving headphones to A-list celebrities and athletes and asked (or paid) them to wear the headphones in high-profile public situations. Soon, celebs from Kaite Holmes and Will I Am to Michael Phelps and LeBron James had Beats during paparazzi photos and pre-game warm-ups.

As you are probably aware, the campaign was a success for Beats and the headphone company continues to have success.

Influencer Marketing on Regional Level

A great thing about influencer marketing is that you don’t need a national advertising budget to run a successful campaign. In fact, Bob’s Discount Furniture, a chain of furniture stores in Philadelphia metropolitan ran a very effective influencer marketing campaign simply by selecting the right influencer. Rather than going after a big name celebrity, Bob’s marketing team chose Beau Allen, a 2nd string defensive lineman for the local Philadelphia Eagles. Allen is an excellent choice for two reasons. First, he’s outspoken and instantly recognizable to most in the Philly area. Second, and perhaps more importantly, Allen is very likable and relatable to fans in the area. The marketing team at Bob’s Furniture took advantage of this combination to create a series of social media and television ads highlighting these qualities.

The result was a successful influencer marketing campaign that increased brand awareness and sales for Bob’s Discount Furniture.

Influencer Marketing on a Community Level

Of course, influencer marketing can even be successful at a community level. That is if you understand where to look. A great place to start your search for community-based influencers is on social media sites. For example, if you’re starting a local business and want to get some buzz in the area, start looking at local Facebook groups. Leaders of Facebook Community groups publish posts that receive a high amount of visibility and may publish a post about your business for a kickback. Next, you can try searching local hashtags on Instagram and/or Twitter and try to identify users with a large amount of follower relevant to your industry. However, to be a successful influencer they’ll need to have thousands of followers around your business.

Finally, if you think an influencer marketing campaign would benefit your business, contact the pros at Milk Street Marketing today!

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