Improve Your Social Media In 15 Minutes

Ross Peterzell

August 25, 2020

On the imaginary “I don’t have time to do this for my business list,” social media usually tends to rank pretty high. Conversely, social media is at the top of the “best opportunities to create free and powerful business assets” list. So, how do you marry a jam-packed schedule with a can’t-miss opportunity for your business? Spend 15 minutes of your day with these tips to improve your social media presence.

Spend 15 minutes a day on social media.

1. Find new accounts and hashtags to follow.

Spend five minutes looking for people who may be interested in following your account. These could be friends, colleagues, or more importantly, people using the same hashtags as you. The biggest perk of using hashtags is that it places your post in a feed specific to that hashtag. Find that feed by clicking a hashtag, and engage with the accounts that are speaking about the same topics. 

Look for accounts that sell complementary goods, and check out their followers. If you’re a tent brand, you’re more likely to attract someone following a sleeping bag brand than someone following computer appliances. Go ahead and follow an account or two, and feel free to like their posts. The engagement could pique their interest.

2. Spend two minutes scrolling through your feed, and like relevant posts in your timeline.

Why is this important? It’s free targeted impressions! When you like someone’s post, they get notified. Then, your account appears in their activity feed, which gives them the opportunity to click directly to your page. There’s potential for new connections and leads just from one double-tap on a photo.

Businesses pay thousands of dollars for targeted impressions. Whether it be traditional billboards, radio spots, or Facebook ads, impressions are in high demand. Two minutes of your time each day will add up and pay big dividends.

3. Take five minutes for a developed, thoughtful post that connects with your audience.

Getting into your network’s social feed is the best free marketing tool the internet has to offer. Make sure you’re providing value, and tell your followers what they want to hear. The more your followers interact with your post, the more your content will find its way into their feed.

Don’t be afraid to overdo it. Social media platforms are unique and diverse. You may not speak to your audience on twitter the same way you would on Instagram. Posting regularly will give you better insight as to where you should be exerting your effort. If you rotate daily across the big four—Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter—it’s only two posts a week maximum per platform.  

4. Reply to those comments on your page.

This task can vary in time depending on how busy your account is, but let’s be optimistic and assign three minutes. The beauty of social media is the ability to personify your business. Here’s an opportunity to interact with customers at the ground level. It’s a way to look deeper into consumer wants, needs, behaviors, and moods, so you can tailor your message in a more productive manner.

Spend Zero Minutes Per Day with Help From Milk Street.

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