Facebook Cover Videos Are Hot AF

Jim Haas
Jim Haas

June 20, 2017

Facebook cover videos are your business’s new branding tool.

Facebook is making a major change to the way personal and business profile pages look. If you don’t have the option already, you’ll soon be able to turn your cover photos into Facebook cover videos. This should come as no surprise considering the recent emphasis Facebook has put on the use of video across the platform. In the past year Zuckerberg and company have released Facebook live, stories, profile videos and have put a premium on ads featuring video.

Why video?

Research shows that people prefer to interact with video over any other type of content on social media. Which makes a lot of sense. Videos are easy to watch on mobile devices, fun to share on social media and generally provoke a reaction from the viewer. However most importantly, a well crafted video can explain your company’s message to even the laziest user in a way that text or photo simply can’t.

How it works.

Users will be able to upload a Facebook cover video in the same way they currently upload a cover photo. The dimensions for the video will be 820 X 312 pixels, roughly the same size as a cover photo. Videos can range from 20-90 seconds long and will loop if you choose. They begin to play anytime someone visits the page. Although videos can have audio, the preset is mute. However you can turn the sound on by clicking on the video. Check out the profile for the Netflix show Narcos for an excellent example of what a cover video can add to your profile page.

As of June approximately 80% of business pages have the ability to use Facebook cover videos. The company claims that all preliminary tests are going well and cover videos should be available to personal pages in the coming weeks.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your business had a Facebook cover video that instantly tells your story? Contact Milk Street Marketing to find out how to make it happen.

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