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Experiential Marketing With The Milk Street Trifecta

We can’t live solely amongst the zeroes and ones. At some point, we need to get out from behind the screen and get face to face with people. That’s right, we need to actually talk to people and build relationships through meaningful dialogue. This certainly can happen in a digital environment, but we must not forget about the real, physical world that we live in.  On Milk Street we create memorable brand experiences that allow you to forge bonds with your clients and prospects.

Our events feature The Milk Street Trifecta – craft beer, craft food and craft music. Our network of craft breweries, combined with the Philly Mobile Food Association and the local music scene gives the Milk Street Team a very powerful arsenal when it comes to producing events of any size!


Experiential marketing with craft food

America is a “food truck nation.” Chefs use mobile eateries to bring specialty cuisine to people almost anywhere. Now, they’re a big part of Milk Street Marketing’s experiential marketing campaigns.

Food trucks at your event offers a variety of tasty, award-winning fare all in one place. We work with some of Philadelphia’s best food trucks to make sure there’s something memorable for every taste at your event.


Photo: These delicious burgers were served up at the Backyard BBQ series at Bridesburg Bottle Shop.

Craft beer

The right drinks attract the right crowd. For millenials especially, that means craft beers. They are brewed in small batches with distinct styles and tastes. In addition, microbreweries often work locally. For instance, there are more than 50 craft brewers just in the Philadelphia region.

A curated selection of craft beers gives your experiential marketing campaign a huge boost. Through our partnerships, Milk Street Marketing finds the best local beers for your audience.


Photo: Sly Fox Beer from Pottstown, PA at the Italian Market Festival in South Philadelphia.

Experiential marketing with craft music

Performances by local musicians makes your experiential marketing campaign stand out. Bands in a certain town don’t exist anywhere else. Philadelphia especially has many talented musicians creating interesting new music.

Milk Street Marketing works closely and regularly with local music venues and artists. As a result, we find the best band for any event.


Photo: Jacopo & The Late Saints, courtesy of Dan Williams Photography

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