Experiential Marketing

Ron Bauman

January 14, 2017

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is one of those hot new marketing buzzwords, and we love it. If you spend enough time on Milk Street or around our team, you’ll undoubtedly hear about the Milk Street Trifecta of: Craft Food + Craft Beer + Craft Music.

experiential marketingThis Trifecta is based on a trend attributed to Millennials, but we’ve found it to be true of mostly everyone! People are looking to create memories and experiences, rather than just accumulating “stuff.” The best way Milk Street provides this is through: experiential marketing. People love great food and they love live music. We incorporate these three things into as many events as we can, even Meetups focused on sharing marketing knowledge!

Whether it’s the festival or a client appreciation event, the Milk Street Trifecta can give people experiences that they will remember. This build’s brand loyalty and brings repeat business from your customers.

Engage your audience in the real world, too.

Experiential Marketing, also known engagement marketing, encourages participation from the user. It allows the user to build a relationship with your brand. Magazines use experiential marketing by hosting conventions, big brands build interactive advertisements in Times Square. Toy and electronics stores set up demos onsite that allow consumers to play games prior to purchasing. Meanwhile, Adidas joined forces with NBA star Derrick Rose to host a pop-up athletic competition to win a pair of his sneakers.

While huge brands have a lot more flexibility in the experiences they create for their customers, small businesses can create memorable and engaging experiences too, all it takes is a little creativity. Restaurants can create pop-up cafes to give diners a unique experience. Schools can host student’s in empty dorms to allow them to experience life on their campus. Construction companies can create 3-D models of buildings to allow their clients to see what their project will look like. These are all real, tangible client experiences! And they help foster a consumer-brand connection, resulting in a lasting and meaningful relationship.

So don’t forget about engaging your audience beyond the screen!

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