Ep 6 – One Year Anniversary

Ron Bauman
Ron Bauman

May 3, 2016

#MilkPod Ep 6 -Milk Street Marketing’s one year anniversary!

Milk Street Marketing’s one year anniversary was on May 1st, and it has been a wild ride! So we took this week’s show as an opportunity to look back at some of the highlights of this past year.

First, we had to recap the past week and take a look at what’s ahead. Ron filled us in on a trip to Florida and that somehow turned into some website nerdery. Next we spent some time looking ahead at the events coming up this weekend. Friday night is the 10 Year Anniversary Launch Party at Connie’s Ric Rac. This is going to be one hell of a celebration, and we have a great lineup of bands to help with the festivities.

If that weren’t enough celebration, the next night we officially celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary as a marketing agency. To celebrate this occasion, we’re heading to Smokey Pint. Coincidentally (or not), this is also the launch of the Smokey Pint Backyard BBQ Series, or #BYBBQ. Craft beer, craft food and craft music make for the Milk Street trifecta, so expect a great time.

The entire second half of the show was dedicated to reminiscing about the past year on Milk Street. Right from the launch Milk Street has been an adventure with many unexpected twists and turns. Between our unique events and our diverse clientele, there’s been one memory after another.

Small business plugs this week: Prima Pizza, Reed Street Builders, SPARC PhiladelphiaSmokey PintCRW Graphics.

Music on today’s episode from Those People, Fantastic Planet, and The Cardboard Crowns.

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