Eagles Super Bowl Preview

Ron Bauman

February 2, 2018

Eagles Super Bowl Preview

There’s nothing like our beloved Philly sports teams, especially the Eagles, to bring our city together. As we head into Eagles Super Bowl weekend, there is such an amazing feeling in this city. Nobody is raging on the Schuylkill, or arguing over parking spots. Strangers, wearing Eagles gear, are holding doors and high-fiving each other.  We’re all ending every conversation with “Go Birds”.

Me on the other hand, I’m the archetypal Philly sports fan. I’m just waiting for the crushing defeat that always comes. I’ve been here before. First, it was the Fog Bowl. Randall was a god and we had the best defense in the history of the universe. Then it was the Reid-McNabb era. All those NFC championship game losses, each one worse than the prior before finally getting up over that hill, only to have our hopes and dreams splattered like cheese whiz across our faces. I left it all out there that season and lost a piece of my humanity on that fateful day. It’s hard to come back from something like that with the same passion. I refuse to let myself go there again, and as I explained to my lovely wife Noel who couldn’t understand why I wasn’t happier about the Eagles win over the Vikings in the NFC Championship; “I’ll celebrate when they win it all.”

Reggie White.

That’s who got me. My earliest memory of The Philadelphia Eagles was Reggie White rushing the edge and stripping the ball right out of some random quarterback’s hand when he reached back to throw. As he ran into the end zone all alone I remember my late father screaming, “run, Reggie, run!!”. I’ve loved them ever since. Remembering the look of joy on his face, I now realized why I feel the way I do about this team. There’s a subconscious connection with my father related to the Eagles that I have carried with me all these years. I bleed green. Their status determines my mood, as it does most people in this area. I’ve always said what a great place Philly is to do business during the week following an Eagles victory. It is burned into our souls, the pride we have for this city and this amazing team that represents it. Those that truly love this the Eagles have a deep emotional attachment that they feel each time they see the midnight green or hear “Iggles”.

And I understand why everyone is so excited about what is going to happen this weekend. Fifty-one years without a Super Bowl and another seven without an NFL championship for good measure (the last time being 1960 against Vince Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers in the pre-Super Bowl era), fifty-eight years of pain and anguish can all be wiped away with one epic Eagles Super Bowl victory.

How can you capture this excitement for your brand?

We’re completely awash in Eagles regalia this week, as we have adopted the midnight green and silver for our Milk Street logo and uploaded Eagles-themed graphics to our social media profiles. We had an awesome Eagles Super Bowl edition of the MarketShare podcast, and we got another juicy nugget about to drop in the next 24 hours or so.  Of course, we’re not the only ones. It seems as if almost every small business in the Philadelphia region is showing off their Eagles pride with signs, decoration, and employees wearing Eagles jerseys.

Bars and restaurants can create Eagles flavored menus and specials. Run a contest to have your audience on social media send you photos or videos of them displaying their wildest Eagles cheers.  And be sure to include the primary hashtag, #FlyEaglesFly, from the marketing geniuses within the Eagles organization. They have completely mastered the strategy of building brand affinity and loyalty within the fan base to the point of institutionalization.

Are you Philly enough?

Sometimes in marketing, you have to know when to capture lightning in a bottle. Things like this don’t happen in Philadelphia very often, so when they do you need to take advantage and align your brand with something that your audience has a deep-seated sentiment for, even if it has nothing else to do with your business. You should care about the things your customers care about. Opportunities to build affinity for your brand are there for the taking by embracing this wave of excitement. So don’t sleep on this! It’s not too late to show your Eagles pride!

On Milk Street, we are also emotionally invested in this battle of good versus evil. Just as we make it our mission to help the little guy beat the big guy, we eagerly await our a trouncing of the villainous, heinous, despicable Patriots by our underdog Eagles. We are the consummate underdogs here in Philly. Blue collar and gritty, just like our favorite make-believe hero Rocky Balboa, who became a legend for beating the odds. Team Milk Street works night and day to help small businesses get back up on their feet and keep fighting. One more round. One more win. One game is all we got. One game is all we need.


Nope. I know better than to predict an Eagles Super Bowl win and put a jinx on the whole thing. I haven’t shaved since before the Atlanta playoff victory, I’m watching the game at home like I did for the first two games and wearing the same clothes. Yeah, I’m one of those weirdos. I’m from Philly.

Fly Eagles Fly, on the road to victory!!

E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!

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