How Can Content Marketing Establish Client Trust?

Jim Haas

May 4, 2017

Establishing client trust is the goal of every content marketing strategy.

Your brand is nothing without creditability. Therefore you should make it a priority to showcase what makes you an authority in your field. Although there are many ways to gain client trust, a well deigned and executed content marketing plan is a good place to start.


Now more than ever consumers are going to the web to research businesses prior to making a purchase. Thus your content (whether it be your webpage, social media, email, etc.) will likely be the first interaction that the public has with your business. Therefore it’s your first chance to start developing a positive business relationships.

Here are some best practices to establish client trust with a content marketing strategy:

Pay attention to your readers.

When attempting to build trust with clients it’s important to understand what types of content they find most useful. Begin by tracking your blogs and social media post to see which had the most interactions. Then work to develop new useful content in the same formats and see if they have the same results.

Give good advice.

Readers will tire quickly of your content and move on if you constantly present them with a sales pitch. While promoting your products and/or services is important, most marketing guidelines suggest using the 80/20 rule regarding content. This means your content should be 80% advice and 20% sales pitch. Although it may seem counterintuitive at first, this ratio gives you a great opportunity to showcase knowledge and expertise to potential clients. Research suggests “how-to” videos featuring you and your employees is a very effective strategy for establishing you business as an authority in your field.

Interact with your audience.

If you post relevant, interesting content it’s likely that people will comment and/or ask questions about your posts. Be sure to take the time answer the questions and interact with the people that interact with your business. It gives the impression you truly care about solving people’s problems, not just selling them a product. This greatly improves you chances of gaining client trust.

If you need assistance developing a content marketing strategy that works for your business, contact Milk Street today!


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