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Facebook Business Manager Account Setup- Made Easy!

You’ve got your business page so your business has a place to live on Facebook. You have a boosted post, so now you can reach people outside of your follower audience. But that might not be cutting it. If you’re boosting posts and not seeing results, don’t fret! You’re on the right track, and you’ve […]

Classic Facebook Is Disappearing

It is with great sadness that I relay to you that the “Classic” Facebook display we all know and love will very soon be put to rest. While the newest Facebook update (referred to as FB5) has been rolling out for well over a year, it will now be the only display option beginning September […]

The 5 Must-Have Plugins for WordPress Development

WordPress is a very well-known, versatile content management system, and has become our go-to CMS here at Milk Street. There are many ways to approach WordPress development, and an equally large number of plugins that help you streamline your process. Our process has evolved quite a bit over the last 5 years, so I thought […]

Using Hashtags: Captions Or Comments?

Hashtags have earned their spot in marketing strategies by driving impressions and reach for new audiences, as well as increasing engagement in the form of likes and comments. On Milk Street, we’ve embarked on a journey to solve one of social media’s greatest mysteries: Where is the best spot to place your hashtags? Studies from […]

Is a Niche Marketing Strategy Effective?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “There’s riches in niches?” If you’re not familiar, a niche marketing strategy is one in which you concentrate your expertise in a very specific area of focus. You’ll find plenty of examples of the benefits of a niche marketing strategy by Googling such search terms. While “having a niche” […]

Are you using a social media as your website?

As a musician back in 2006, I was determined to put my band on the music industry map. When this new “social media platform” Myspace emerged, I saw an opportunity to network and grow. Every night, I would spend a few hours reaching out to people who followed bands that were similar to my own. […]

Gutenberg Editor: Why It Stinks and How to Fix It

What is the Gutenberg Editor? In December of 2018, WordPress released a new version of their software; Version 5.0. This was a major overhaul to WordPress’s backend, including a completely new version of the page/post editor. This new version is called the Gutenberg Editor. If you’ve purchased a WordPress template in the last few years, […]

Online Marketing Tools You Need To Get Right Now!

Online Marketing Tools That Rock The top online marketing tools are now right at your fingertips! To help our sales, marketing, and business development brethren, we have composed a list of our favorite, must-have, can’t-live-or-work-without online tools and apps. Ok sure, some of them may have desktop versions, but there’s no reason to pretend that […]