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Social Listening – Get More Leads Without Advertising

What is Social Listening? If you perform a quick search on the internet for the term social listening you’ll find quite a few definitions. However most of them will mention something about “monitoring all social media channels” and/or “tracking conversations around a certain phrase.” While those things are important to a social media strategy what we’ll be discussing […]

Viral Marketing is the Illest!

Viral Marketing isn’t a dream. Everyone wants to see their blogs, social media posts, and video content reach “viral status.” However not many believe they can create content that is popular enough to achieve this monumental status and even fewer have a plan to achieve it. Although when we analyze the content that actually gets enough views, shares. re-tweets and […]

Your Business Needs a Video Content Marketing Strategy STAT!

Video content marketing is vital. The amount of digital content the average consumer is exposed to in a day can be overwhelming. Thousands, if not tens of thousands of strands of information flow across the screen of our televisions, smartphones and tablets. However most of the content we see doesn’t stay with us for very long. It […]

How to Structure Your Marketing Team

How to Structure Your Marketing Team If you’ve ever worked as a one person marketing department, you know how hard it is. You only have 168 hours in your week just like everyone else. Time does not care that you are working alone. Having a team to work with is crucial. Every member you add […]

Fantasy Football as a Customer Engagement Tool

In a B2B, service based business like Milk Street, customer retention is as crucial to our growth as acquiring new customers. At the heart of customer retention is customer engagement. We like to let our work speak for itself. That’s why our customers hired us and it’s why they stick around. But that doesn’t mean […]

Keyword Research

At the foundation of all search engine marketing efforts is Keyword Research. Most marketers understand why keyword research is important for SEO (search engine optimization), but it also helps your marketing in several other ways. Finding the right keywords to write your content about will improve your Google ranking and get more eyes on your content. But as […]

How to Perform a Marketing Checkup (And Why You Need One)

Your business just hit two years old. You’ve been able to achieve some growth, but after twenty-four months marketing still feels like a chore. It is unorganized and not spurring the results you were hoping for. Most businesses are started by operators who simply tolerate marketing because they heard that they need it at an […]