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Hootsuite’s Digital 2020 Report: The World Is Changing.

2020 hasn’t been my year, your year, or anyone’s year…besides Chinese entrepreneur Zhang Yiming.  Yiming and his team at TikTok have turned the world of social media upside down, and in doing so, his personal wealth has increased to $22.6 billion. No one would have predicted two immense outbreaks from China in one year, but […]

Improve Your Social Media In 15 Minutes

On the imaginary “I don’t have time to do this for my business list,” social media usually tends to rank pretty high. Conversely, social media is at the top of the “best opportunities to create free and powerful business assets” list. So, how do you marry a jam-packed schedule with a can’t-miss opportunity for your […]

Using Hashtags: Captions Or Comments?

Hashtags have earned their spot in marketing strategies by driving impressions and reach for new audiences, as well as increasing engagement in the form of likes and comments. On Milk Street, we’ve embarked on a journey to solve one of social media’s greatest mysteries: Where is the best spot to place your hashtags? Studies from […]

Digital Marketing Plan: Five Things To Consider

Digital Marketing Plan Basics A solid digital marketing plan is a requirement for any business, from the smallest to the largest. Many business owners find it challenging to navigate through the abundance of solutions available, and knowing which areas to devote their time and energy. If you can relate to this issue, then keep reading […]

What are Remarketing Ads?

What are Remarketing Ads? Does it ever feel like someone is following your moves on the internet? For example, you check out a pair of shoes on Zappos and the same shoes begin to appear on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds, in banner ads, and in Google search results. But is there really someone watching you? Well […]

How Does the Latest Facebook Algorithm Changes Effect Marketers?

How Will the Latest Facebook Algorithm Change Effect Marketers? It seems that Facebook is finally aware their social media content algorithms aren’t working. Facebook is no longer a platform for friends and family stay connected and share thoughts and photos from their lives. Rather it’s become a place where users mindlessly scroll, wasting vast amounts of time watching short […]

How Much Does Social Media Advertising Cost?

How Much Does Social Media Advertising Cost? The days of businesses using social media as a platform for free advertising are over. If you want to reach an audience on social media, even if that audience already engages with your page, you’ll have to pay. Still, many entrepreneurs claim they’ve tried spending money on social media advertising in […]

SEO and Social Media Advertising Are Like Peas & Carrots

Make Social Media Advertising and SEO work together to get your digital brand off the ground. In today’s digital marketing landscape there are two main ways people find your business – Google search and engaging with your content on social media. Don’t believe me? Consider the last time you heard about a new restaurant in […]