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Why Do I Need to Invest In Content Marketing?

Content marketing is important. It is not enough in today’s digitized marketing environment to put up a website and hope potential clients stumble upon your site amidst the labyrinth of competition.  Something needs to drive potential clients to your site. Then, something needs to entice potential clients to choose your products and/or services over those of your competitors. That […]

How to Structure Your Marketing Team

How to Structure Your Marketing Team If you’ve ever worked as a one person marketing department, you know how hard it is. You only have 168 hours in your week just like everyone else. Time does not care that you are working alone. Having a team to work with is crucial. Every member you add […]

Fantasy Football as a Customer Engagement Tool

In a B2B, service based business like Milk Street, customer retention is as crucial to our growth as acquiring new customers. At the heart of customer retention is customer engagement. We like to let our work speak for itself. That’s why our customers hired us and it’s why they stick around. But that doesn’t mean […]

How to Perform a Marketing Checkup (And Why You Need One)

Your business just hit two years old. You’ve been able to achieve some growth, but after twenty-four months marketing still feels like a chore. It is unorganized and not spurring the results you were hoping for. Most businesses are started by operators who simply tolerate marketing because they heard that they need it at an […]

Client Onboarding In A B2B World

When you live in the exciting world of B2B sales and marketing, that’s business-to-business for the layperson; it’s very important to have a defined process for client onboarding. I know, I know….I hate buzzwords, too. But onboarding new clients properly is the best way to ensure account longevity and more importantly, your client’s happiness. The […]

Ep 7 – Facebook Events

#MilkPod Ep 7 -Facebook Events Your browser does not support the audio element.   Team Milk Street have been very busy lately with our Experiential Marketing projects. When promoting these special events, we spent some time creating Facebook events and realize that this is definitely a topic for the podcast. This past week weekend Milk Street […]

Ep 6 – One Year Anniversary

#MilkPod Ep 6 -Milk Street Marketing’s one year anniversary! Your browser does not support the audio element. Milk Street Marketing’s one year anniversary was on May 1st, and it has been a wild ride! So we took this week’s show as an opportunity to look back at some of the highlights of this past year. First, […]

Ep 5 – Marketing Nerds

This Week on Milk Street – Marketing Nerds Your browser does not support the audio element.   On this week’s episode we let out our inner marketing nerds in honor of the Philadelphia Science Festival. This Festival spans across the entire city from April 22 – April 30th. There are a ton of events happening day and […]