About - Milk Street Marketing

"Wouldn't it be awesome if  ?"

That’s the Milk Street mindset. Every single thing we do starts with figuring out how to make it awesome for you and your brand. There’s plenty of people who can throw up a quick website, or “do social media”. Our value lies in our ability to generate ideas and execute plans that have a positive impact on your bottom line, whether that means generating qualified sales leads from social media, producing an event with live music, food trucks and local craft breweries, or building a modernized, responsive website.

Milk Street Marketing has the agility, creativity and that slight touch of crazy to make all of your wildest marketing dreams come true.

Our Story

Milk Street founder Ron Bauman is a self-proclaimed disciple of Benjamin Franklin, a printer by trade who also went on to bigger and better things. After 16 successful years in the commercial printing industry, the last three of which were spent developing the integrated marketing department for CRW Graphics, Ron launched Milk Street Marketing. With Franklin’s entrepreneurial spirit and innovative spirit in mind, the new firm took the name as a subtle tip of the cap to their patriotic hero. You see, Milk Street in Boston, MA is where Franklin was born.

On Milk Street, we love “helping the little guy beat the big guy”.

And we have a lot of fun doing it. Additionally, the Milk Street team has immersed themselves in the business community with numerous entrepreneurial projects in the Philadelphia area. Projects like MarketShare and Junto Music have helped provide purpose through building and enabling of communities centered around common interests. We not only help build brands, we help our clients build supportive communities.

What We Do

Everything we do is centered around this mindset. We start by asking “Wouldn’t it be awesome if _____? And we work with our clients to answer that question with ideas that support their bigger picture, ideas that will grow their community. From there we create a step by step plan that brings them to “Isn’t it awesome that ______?” using everything from branding to market research to web development to content creation and promotion.


The most successful brands are the ones that have answered the question, “why?” Your higher purpose, why you do what you do and who you do it for, should be the driving force of your brand. When you implement your “why” into your story, you can develop real, identifiable connections to your brand. Learn how to find your “why.”

Digital Marketing

In 2017, you must have an online presence to reach your desired target market. But interweaving your audience’s journey through all the various digital channels can be tricky. Your social media strategies must integrate seamlessly with your content marketing, website, email marketing, and it must all be mobile-friendly. Learn how we put the pieces together.

The Milk Street Trifecta

Yes, we live amongst the 0’s and 1’s. But in order to truly capture the hearts and minds of your audience you must engage them on a more visceral level. After all, we are not robots just yet and human interaction will always prevail. On Milk Street, our events are crafted with high quality beer, food and music to provide an experience that appeals to all five of the human senses. Read more about our experiential marketing campaigns.